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Tarotmancy: May 2023 Messages for All 12 Zodiac Signs

You can use your ascendant, sun, or moon sign (tap to find out your vedic moon sign) to find the May 2023 message meant for you. You can even use a random number generator (to choose a number between 1-12) for an additional message.

Aries: Take a pause. Just hang in there for now. It's time to surrender. You've done all the legwork you were supposed to. Trust that this moment of stillness will bring insights and new perspectives, leading to an aha moment right when you have the energy to go for it with full gusto.

Taurus: Things are a little shaky now. Embrace the chaos if you can. It's clearing the way for new growth and opportunities. Let go of the beliefs that brought you nothing but unhappiness. You are learning to embrace the freedom that comes with radical change. Your punk era is about to begin.

Gemini: Cut through the illusions. Change is uncomfortable, perhaps no one knows it better than you but now is the time to be lightning fast with your decisions. No time for dilly-dallying. Of course, there will be a few cons but look at all the pros shining through the clouds.

Cancer: Protecting what's yours is fair. But be mindful of hoarding and greed. There is a balance to be maintained between security and generosity. Remember that true abundance comes from sharing with those in need. Your security won't be threatened if you share---be it knowledge or wealth.

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Leo: This is the momentum you were waiting for. This is the ring of fire you need to lunge through. Go full speed ahead; success is finally within reach. Don't let distractions slow you down. Hustle culture sucks, but this is a hustle you dreamt to have in your life just a few days ago. You can catch your breath in between, but right now, fly you must.

Virgo: Your family and close ones will bring you immense joy and a sense of happiness this month. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open with those you cherish. You won't always get a chance to make core memories with them. Use your camera to go click-click to your heart's desire. You will thank us when you look back and realise how meticulously you preserved your memories in pictures and videos.

Libra: You're striving for balance and harmony in all areas of your life; finding ways to integrate your spiritual and material pursuits; practicing self-care and moderation in all things. That's great but achieving precise equilibrium and symmetry is best left to a pair of scales and Wes Anderson movie. Don't let your brain fall out over this. Stop trying to control everything and you'll see things starting to flow with more synergy.

Scorpio: Confront the decision ahead of you directly to find a way forward. Use your intuition and intellect in tandem, and learn to trust your choices. You've to give up one thing for the another. This is not the 'you can have your cake and eat it too' situation you'd hoped for but that doesn't mean there isn't fulfilment at the end of this rainbow.

Sagittarius: Life goes around in circles; what goes down, comes up again like the great Wheel of Fortune. New opportunities and possibilities will come knocking on your door this month. Are you ready for it? Are you done wallowing? Gather the courage needed to take risks and jump into the unknown.

Capricorn: Follow your heart and let your intuition guide you. You are not quite ready to cross the river, and that is okay. Sometimes the music starts playing before we are done putting on our dancing shows, but moving to the rhythm, even barefoot, can feel wonderful. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve this month.

Aquarius: Face you shadow self without fear this month. You have walked long and you are close to breaking unhealthy relationships and addictions, or the addictive relationships that are oozing with toxicity. You've got this. Trust in your own power. You have it in you to walk away from toxic situations and relationships.

Pisces: Celebrate the joys of friendship and community. You are finding ways to connect with like-minded souls. Your soul tribe is flocking to your energy. The spirit of camaraderie is alive and you are thriving right now. Bask in the glow.

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