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What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You & How To Find Your Moon Sign!

Ever been curious about your moon sign as per vedic astrology in particular? Did you know that your moon signs, as per vedic astrology, can reveal a whole new side of your personality?

Finding it out your is easy but it requires you to know your date of birth, year, and time because the moon stays in each sign for 2 & 1/2 days. So if you don't know the time exactly, you might get the wrong answer.

I often lead my tarotmancy posts with the suggestion that you should read either your sun/moon/rising sign. And almost immediately there are many who DM me that they didn't even know they had a moon or rising (also called ascendant) sign, that they only know about their (western) sun signs. Without going into too much detail about natal charts and all the different signs, and overwhelming you right now (there might be a demystifying post on it later), I will give you a link where you can enter your details and find out your moon sign: click here to find your moon sign before proceeding to read this post.

The sun sign reveals much about your personality, the self you show the world. The moon sign can indicate how your mind works, your inner self that only those closest to you can see. But of course they serve a bigger purpose if you see in which house and sign they sit in your natal chart (that is a discussion for another day.)

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Aries Moon: Aries Moons wear their emotions on their sleeves. Everyone can tell how they feel about things, even though they might think they're hiding it well. They can be assertive, independent, and energetic, with a strong desire for adventure and excitement. They don't like staying in one place for too long --- physically or mentally. They can be passionate and impulsive in love. They are not afraid to take risks and pursue what they want, but they can also be quick to anger or lose interest if things don't go their way.

Taurus Moon: They are that friend who is always encouraging their friends to grow and heal while living like a messy hobgoblin themselves. But there is a method to their stubbornness. People with a Taurus Moon are grounded, practical, and reliable, with a love of comfort and a strong appreciation for beauty and the finer things in life. They also provide that place of comfort to their friends. Their loved ones can come to them to hide away from the world. They tend to be loyal and committed in love. They value stability and security, and are willing to work hard to create a comfortable home and a lasting relationship.

Gemini Moon: They cope with life's many traumas and horrifying truths by becoming a human joke machine. Their puns might kill but they will still chug on. They are that friend who will be cracking jokes when you are crying to make you laugh instead. People with a Gemini Moon are curious, adaptable, and communicative, with a love of learning and a gift for conversation. They are communicative and curious in love. They enjoy learning about their partner and sharing their own thoughts and ideas, but they may struggle with making a long-term commitment to someone who cannot stimulate them mentally, no matter how good they are on all other fronts.

Cancer Moon: They will be the first to think the worst about themselves. "I must be bothering them by simply existing. Why am I like this?" They are a whole anxiety party all unto one. But people with a Cancer Moon are very nurturing, empathetic, and sensitive, with a strong connection to their family and home. They are equally nurturing and sensitive in love. They crave emotional connection and intimacy, and they may struggle with letting go of past hurts or insecurities.

Leo Moon: They cannot handle honest feedback no matter what they may assert. A Gemini moon will crack a joke at your constructive criticism and then go cry in secret, a Cancer moon will agree with it all. But Leo moons will put you in their book of people they don't trust any longer if you try to tell them anything about them (or their work) that they do not agree with already. They're confident, creative, and charismatic, with a love for the spotlight. In love, they are generous. But they want to be admired and appreciated by their partner; they can also be demanding and jealous if they don't feel they're getting enough attention.

Virgo Moon: Virgo moons are famously lauded as being the most meticulous. If afflicted these people can actually become dysfunctional perfectionists instead---unable to finish any task because they've set the benchmark so high already in their heads. They will also happily help others solves their problems, while ignoring their own. People with a Virgo Moon tend to be analytical, detail-oriented, and practical, with a strong work ethic and a desire for order and efficiency. They are the same in love. They may have high standards for themselves and their partners. They are practical gift givers as well.

Libra Moon: They tend to be such classic over-thinkers that they run the risk of having a wide disconnect between their emotions and thoughts. They're often so busy overanalysing their emotions that they forget to actually feel/experience these them. But they are usually charming, diplomatic, and harmonious, with a love of beauty and a desire for balance and fairness. In love, they value harmony and balance, and they are willing to compromise to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Scorpio Moon: They want to connect with people on a deep level, but they are also prone to be suspicious of those who are trying to get them to open up. Talk about a catch-22 of emotional Russian roulette and you have a Scorpio moon. They are likely to nurture an incredibly rich inner world, few if anyone is ever given the privilege to be privy to. Scorpio moons tend to be intense, passionate, and secretive, with a strong desire for control and a deep need for emotional intimacy. In love, they are often drawn to power dynamics or intensity in their relationships.

Sagittarius Moon: If they say they don't care about something, that is just them giving themselves a self-talk. They want to convince themselves that they don't care. Ooh but they do, they do care a ton! They are adventurous at heart, optimistic (unless it is afflicted somehow; if by Mars they are prone to anger issues, if by Saturn they tend to be unusually melancholic), and philosophical, with a love of freedom and a desire for growth and expansion. They want more out of life, always have. They enjoy exploring new experiences with their partner, but they may struggle with commitment or feeling tied down till they meet the "right one".

Capricorn Moon: Capricorn moons...have issues. They invented being emotionally constipated because they would kill (either someone or go through massive ego death) before they let someone start perceiving them as vulnerable or soft. They think you have already lost an argument if you cried or lost your temper. They are generally ambitious, disciplined, and responsible, with a strong desire for success and a love of structure. In love, they value stability and security but are capable of romance in littler doses in privacy.

Aquarius Moon: They can hyper-fixate on things that didn't work out better than anyone else. They are willing to dwell endlessly on what they could've/should've said or done to figure out why things didn't work out the exact way they had hoped for. Overall they're usually a little bit peculiar, innovative, and independent, with a love of progress and a desire for social change. They like independence even in love; not the kind to start mirroring their significant others over time---be it in terms of appearance or ideas. They may struggle with emotional intimacy but value freedom and individuality in their relationships, which is what some people actual need.

Pisces Moon: When they see that red flag, they aren't walking the other way; they are capable of seeing the good (along with the bad) in people. They have an immense capacity and curiosity to hold space for others and let them be who they are, without judgement. They tend to be sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic, with a strong connection to their inner world and a love of creativity and fantasy. They may struggle with setting healthy boundaries in their relationships but they can be hella romantic in love.

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