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​Hello there!

I am Debiparna aka the Cosmic Sea Witch of the Mystic Coven. I am a secular occult practitioner, bringing here all my eccentric woo-woo beliefs under one umbrella. I promise to try and demystify the occult, cut out the bullshit and always be transparent with you. I am not in the business of selling solutions in a bottle that will magically sort out your life. I am here to help people discover their own inner magic to manifest their own miracles.


Some of you may know me for my work as a journalist. But now, as you can tell, I have strayed away from the corporate way of life. My 20s were all about chasing after and achieving all the fantastical dreams child-me had. I literally manifested the dream life I had imagined would make me happy in my 20s.

However, as clichés tend to go, once I got almost all I thought I wanted, I realised I needed something else to truly feel fulfilled. I was chasing a box and wasn't being conscious of the path I was taking that led me there. I really wanted to help people in whatever way I could and finally the Universe was able to knock some sense in my head and help me follow the hitherto unseen path lying right ahead of me.

I delved into the world of astrology and other occult topics fairly young. My grandfather was an astrologer of repute. He quit his job to pursue something he enjoyed (and found fulfilling) at a time when it was unheard of to give up a pension. He let go of a stable job, security, and dabbled in different things before figuring it out for himself. I would like to believe that maybe he and my maternal grandpa (who loved me dearly but was only in my life on this plane for a very short while) have guided me to follow my happiness from some other corner of the Universe.

I also added my father's services to this website after a few months after many of my clients requested to book appointments with him. He started dabbling in astrology post-retirement, even though much like me his forays into the occult started fairly young. (You can book an astrological natal chart reading from him here). I've learnt as much from him as I've from my mother's unique approach towards religion and spirituality, which she developed on her own despite growing up with a rather doctrinally devout mother (my maternal grandmother). She is a skeptic who still has faith in a higher power. She always told me that she doesn't fear ghosts but people as they can do damage no supernatural entity can.

I am eclectic in my practice because Maa guided my thoughts in that direction from early on. A healthy dose of skepticism is always required to stay grounded in reality when delving into the occult. It is also helpful when you need to tell apart between the whispers of the Universe and anxiety-riddled thoughts. There is no place for delusions and false sense of grandeur in the world of the occult.

I am who I am today because of the guys, gals, and non-binary pals who came before me in my family. It is their struggle that enriches my will to help others who may be struggling. I remain fierce in my softness because of them. I remain kind even in the face of harshness because of them. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams come true, after all. I try to embody that daily. And I would like to impart that knowledge to others too.

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