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Choose Your Membership Plan

  • Star Saver

    Perfect for everyone who loves a good discount!
    Valid for 11 months
    • 10% off your next 5 sessions!
    • A unique coupon code will be sent when you buy this plan
    • You pick the 11-month duration upon booking!
  • Lumos

    Perfect for multiple consultations throughout the year!
    Valid for 11 months
    • Up to 4 sessions can be availed for the price of 3!
    • Ask 3 questions each session about love, career, and more.
    • Receive in-depth written reports, each based on 12 cards.
    • You pick the 11-month duration upon booking!
    • You can save up to Rs.1556 with this plan!
  • Support thy Witch

    Every 2 months
    This is a small way you can show support our work

    Disclaimer: Plans can be removed or modified (including pricing) as per our convenience at any time without prior notification. If you've already purchased a plan the price hikes won't affect your current plans.

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