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June 2023 New Moon in Cancer Dark Shower Ritual

Dark showers may sound ominous and intimidating but they are simply showers taken in complete darkness. No lights, only vibes.

They have been gaining popularity in recent years for their reported benefits on mental health and relaxation. They have helped me in moments I have felt sensory overload. They are excellent on hot summer evenings when even having the light gets heat radiating off it. And even better for when I need to prepare for one of my magickal rituals or spellwork.

The idea behind dark showers is to eliminate any visual distractions, allowing one to focus on the physical sensations of the water and the sound of it hitting the body. This practice has also been linked to improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety. Sometimes I will have a particular Lana Del Rey or Johannes Bornlöf track playing on my phone (safely kept on a shelf away from any splashing water). The smell of shower gel, soap, and even hair products can add another element that works on the senses.

Here's why I think it is a great idea to take a dark shower on tomorrow's new moon in Cancer, whether or not you are planning to do a ritual.

Taking dark showers during the new moon in Cancer can have added energetic benefits. The new moon in astrology represents a time for new beginnings, setting intentions, and manifesting. In Cancer, a sign known for its nurturing and emotional qualities, the focus is on self-care, emotional wellness, healing, and intuition.

By taking a dark shower during this time, you can set the intention to release any negative emotions or energy that may be weighing you down. Turn yourself into a blank energetic canvas by performing the very act of cleansing yourself, each element you use during or after your shower to add the corresponding energies to your blank canvas can heighten the experience.

Furthermore, the water element of the shower can symbolise the emotional cleansing and renewal that Cancer represents. It is important to note that the power of intention is subjective and cannot be scientifically proven, but for many, the act of setting an intention during a ritualistic practice such as a dark shower can have a positive impact on their mindset and emotional well-being.

Consider it to be something akin to 'spicy psychology'.

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