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On-Call Vedic Astrology Consultation

3 queries answered by noted Vedic Astrologer Swapan Kumar Chakraborty

  • 1,800 Indian rupees
  • On Call

Service Description

-Send your 3 queries via the automated email you receive upon booking along with your date, time, and city of birth. -You will receive a preliminary report after I have taken the time to study your natal chart. -In the report doc you will receive a phone number where you can call during consultation hours for further discussions. -We use the latest Raman Ayanamsa to make your charts based on legendary astrologer BV Raman's system

Cancellation Policy

1. Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email where further discussions will proceed. 2. Please respond to emails with your queries (for written reports) at least 2 days before your date of appointment to avoid confusion. Try to avoid Health Questions please! 3. All bookings are non-refundable in case of no-show or inability to send in queries on time. In case of incorrect details or if you book a wrong session get in touch within 24hrs via email or Instagram (handle: @thecosmicseawitch).

Contact Details

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